Make your deposit

Making your deposit is the first step in reserving your space at RISD. Once that’s complete you’ll need to remember to send in a copy of your transcript to finalize your enrollment. Beyond these steps, be sure to check out the full schedule for a detailed look at additional upcoming events and deadlines.

Make your deposit (login required)

Enrollment deadlines

Apr 15

Enrollment deposit due

Submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $500 to reserve your space. (This deposit will be applied to your first tuition bill.) To pay by credit card or debit card, please use the link below to go to our secure online site. In order to access the deposit link, you will need to log into your applicant status portal.

Submit payment
Jun 1

Transcript due (for summer program participants)

In order to take part in one of our summer programs, you must confirm satisfactory completion of your undergraduate education. To do so, arrange for Admissions to receive your final, official transcript by June 1.

Jul 1

Transcript due (for all students)

You must confirm that you have satisfactorily completed your undergraduate education by arranging for your final, official transcript to be sent to Admissions by July 1. Students participating in summer programs must fulfill this requirement by June 1 (see above).

Deferring your admission

Admitted students may request a one-year deferral from your Graduate Program Director (GPD). Your GPD will determine if the department has the capacity to grant your request. This is determined on a case-by-case basis, but will not be considered past June 1. If your request is granted you are required to pay the enrollment deposit of $500 by April 15. Please send all requests for deferrals to your GPD and, you will be informed of the outcome in your applicant status portal.

Change of address

Please notify the Admissions team of your new address should you happen to move. Keeping your records up to date will ensure that you receive all mailed information.