Living on campus

Graduate students who decide to live on campus will be given preference in choosing accommodations at Charles Landing, a 120-unit apartment complex just north of the central campus that offers studio, one- and two-bedroom units. It's the only RISD housing area that remains open during winter break in December and is also available over the summer, providing the option for year-round living. If you'd prefer to look for housing off campus, check out the guide to neighborhoods and off-campus living.

Residential options

Once we receive your enrollment deposit, you will get a RISD email address. Instructions for navigating RISD’s Housing Portal will be sent to you late April.

Graduate housing will happen on a rolling basis. Students will be able to view available rooms and select housing through the online Housing Portal. Fall housing assignments will be confirmed by August 1 via your RISD Gmail account.

If you wish to live on campus while attending a summer program, you need to complete a separate online housing application by June 1. These rooms will be assigned by staff. If you plan to live on campus for both the summer and the academic year, please complete separate housing applications for each. Your summer housing assignment will be confirmed by mid-June via your RISD Gmail account.

For questions pertaining to housing, contact Residence Life or give them a call at 401 454-6650.

Dining plans and information

Located in the primary residential quad, The Met is the largest dining hall on campus. Menus change daily and offer a wide selection of freshly prepared items and vegetarian/vegan options. You will also find the following dining options on campus:

Eligible students can add a meal plan through the Housing Portal. Changes to or cancellations of your plan are only allowed during the first two weeks of the semester. Funds remaining on a meal plan after fall semester are carried over to spring semester in the same academic year. At the end of the academic year any remaining balance will be forfeited.

Students may also purchase risdbucks to add points to their ID cards. This on-campus tender provides a 10% discount on purchases at RISD Dining locations and is accepted by several local merchants. risdbucks carry over year to year and any balance (minus $35) is refunded at the end of your schooling.

If you require a special diet due to allergies or in accordance with religious practices, please contact Maureen Young, Marketing & Menu Management Associate at 401 709-8508 about individual needs.

Graduate students are not required to buy meal plans (unless you live on campus for the summer session).

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our menus, meal plans, locations and food philosophy, contact RISD Dining + Catering at 401 454-6360.