Connect with your department

Now that you've been accepted to join RISD's graduate community you may want to reach out to a Graduate Program Director with questions about the program you're interested in. You can find their contact information below.

Graduate program directors

Architecture: Carl Lostritto

Bayard Ewing Building

Ceramics: Lesley Baker (department head)

Metcalf Building

Digital + Media: Shona Kitchen (department head)

CIT Building/Mason Building

Furniture Design: Patricia Johnson

20 Washington Place

Glass: Rachel Berwick (department head)

Metcalf Building

Global Arts and Cultures: Eric Anderson

College Building

Graphic Design: Bethany Johns

CIT/Mason Building

Industrial Design: Paolo Cardini

CIT Building/Mason Building

Interior Architecture: Markus Berger

CIT Building/Mason Building

Jewelry + Metalsmithing: Timothy Veske-McMahon

Metcalf Building

Landscape Architecture: Suzanne Mathew

Bayard Ewing Building

Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies: Jonathan Highfield

College Building

Painting: Craig Taylor

Memorial Hall

Photography: Odette England

Design Center

Printmaking: Megan Foster

Sculpture: Heather Rowe

Metcalf Buidling

Teaching + Learning in Art + Design: Paul Sproll (department head)

345 South Main Street

Textiles: Anna Gitelson-Kahn

College Building