Rob: other than the opening sentence: "At RISD the entire campus is your extended studio," which I omitted, below is spaces- (as opposed to studio) centric text from With Co-Works spoken about as a lab below, I put Co-Works images here on the spaces page as opposed to the studio page.

Rob: Bethany said about the Library: link to site and/or note from Ellen P on grad research help; materials collection, Kanopy, picture coll. (We're already linking to both the Fleet and the Visual and Material Resource Center, but just wanted to include her note here in case you find any of her other mentions useful.)
Rob: Bethany said about the Museum: link to site and any part describing visual or other research using curators+collections (Similar to the Library, we're already linking to it but just wanted to include her note here in case you find any of her other mentions useful.)

Many unique resources are available to inform and enhance your work, including the Nature Lab, the RISD Museum and the Fleet Library (including its Visual + Material Resource Center). You’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities like Co-Works, RISD’s interdisciplinary fabrication lab, along with other specialized labs and wood and metal shops. From glass furnaces to computerized looms, RISD offers a comprehensive array of sophisticated tools and equipment to elevate your studio practice.


Rob: I've added a space here so you can speak separately about galleries. Below we have images of Gelman, Sol Koffler and Woods Gerry. Do we need to also talk about and include images for the Benson Hall gallery and the ISB gallery? Perhaps we just didn't have images of them when the original grad site what built, but I figure that if we're talking about galleries that are applicable to grad students and all 5 of these are applicable let's mention all five, even if we don't have images for all.

Graduate spaces