English for Art & Design

English for Art & Design is a 1-credit summer course that provides incoming graduate students with a linguistic, cultural and academic foundation for advanced study. Connecting students across all disciplines, the course serves as an introduction to academic culture in the United States. This is not a traditional language class; all course materials are drawn from the academic fields, work, and interests surrounding graduate study at RISD.

The course will meet online from July 5-30, and consists of live sessions, individual meetings with the instructor, and independent and interactive coursework, for a weekly time commitment of 10-15 hours.

English for Art & Design is taught by Maya Krinsky, Associate Director of Multilingual Learning, and supported by RISD’s Center for Arts & Language, which fosters linguistic efficacy and agency across written, spoken, visual and multilingual forms.

To sign up, please complete the pre-registration form as soon as possible. Space is limited to 16 students. The course fee is $600.