Explore the possibilities of architecture at RISD

Our widely-recognized graduate programs in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture attract students from around the world to discover the breadth and transformative potential of architectural practice. Degree candidates benefit from a combination of deep disciplinary focus and opportunities for interdisciplinary experimentation at the intersection of architecture and the fine arts, design, education and the liberal arts.


In Architecture, graduate students are committed to designing with meaning, discipline and rigor. A community of makers, they constantly rethink the present and future of the field. In our 2- and 3-year Master of Architecture (MArch) programs, students learn to understand their role as cultural creators while acquiring the skills needed to succeed in the client-based practice of architecture.

Interior Architecture

At the intersection of architecture, conservation and design, Interior Architecture takes an innovative approach to the reuse and transformation of existing buildings. Focusing on adaptive reuse in all its forms, students in our three advanced degree programs perform transformative interventions while learning to understand the design of buildings from inside out.

Landscape Architecture

In our 2- and 3-year Landscape Architecture programs, students explore the discipline in all its breadth, from intensely personal artistic expressions to highly engineered technological interventions. Focusing on how design can address landscapes affected by climate change, urbanization and other urgent issues, students use creative and intuitive practices to transform physical and social space.